Lights bring Life to July!

Only five months since the launch of Light Black, and there’s never a dull moment. So many great lighting solutions to share! Without any shadow of a doubt, P.U.K. Italian Architectural Lighting is an absolute stellar performer in exterior lighting. With a full suite of products to cover all of the bases, it’s easy toContinue reading “Lights bring Life to July!”

Xicato XFL : redefining flexible LED

Integrated and linear lighting creates enormous opportunity for designers to explore new approaches, and deliver unique solutions that assimilate into or embolden the space. Xicato XFL is the world leading solution for this approach, offering lighting quality and metrics that deliver unrivalled performance. With a full range to cater to all needs, there is nothingContinue reading “Xicato XFL : redefining flexible LED”

C’est Magnifique! C’est Sammode!

Sammode joins Light Black, bringing an ultimately unique offering to lighting projects. For nearly 90 years Sammode has created the most amazingly robust and versatile solutions for some of the most arduous conditions imaginable, from super hot smelting works, to explosive gas environments, to rail yards and tunnels where conditions require operation in extremes ofContinue reading “C’est Magnifique! C’est Sammode!”

Ljus : Making Exhibitions of Interiors

Ljus Design makes any interior space an exhibition, thanks to their superlative collection of specialist spot lights. With long standing history and renown in the lighting of museum and exhibition spaces, Ljus Design has extended their expertise through miniaturisation. Now you can deliver the dramatic and curated effects more often seen throughout museums and exhibitionsContinue reading “Ljus : Making Exhibitions of Interiors”

Lucent : Ljus : Karizma Luce : Light Black

May already and time to shine more light to Light Black! Lucent is a brand with great purpose, offering a beautifully detailed and timeless collection with exceptional light sources for the lighting designer. Discrete light sources with exceptional optics and CRI 98 bring to life the atmosphere in any project, creating environments for hospitality, entertainment,Continue reading “Lucent : Ljus : Karizma Luce : Light Black”

P.U.K. Exterior Lighting Solutions 2021 Are On The Way!

It’s that magical time of year when we all get to see what’s new, and for 2021 P.U.K. is sure to delight! “Make your lightmark”, and download the P.U.K. 2021 catalogue from Light Black’s website, and have all their great solutions at your fingertips.

More Lighting Heroes Showcased!

This month we’re showcasing four great lighting solutions on our Home Page from across our brands; Planet Puck, Lucent, P.U.K and Planet Medical. Planet Puck were the originators of the integrated handrail lighting solution, enabling designers to create completely new and originally lit projects, and they haven’t stopped since. With the Generation 5 Puck, itContinue reading “More Lighting Heroes Showcased!”