P.U.K. : New exterior solutions for 2022

P.U.K. Italian Architectural Lighting has released a number of new solutions and upgrades to their range of architectural lighting solutions for exterior projects.

You can also download their latest catalogue here.


Completely new, Nanospot creates delicate through to powerful effects and is the perfect discrete solution for the lighting of plants, architectural features and façade elements. Micro starts at just 35mm diameter, with 10°, 30° and 45° optics, and 250 delivered lumens in 3000K or 4000K, making it the perfect small addition for delicate work. Moving through five family variants, Medium completes the collection at 80mm diameter, 20° and 40° optics and 1,000 delivered lumens in 3000K or 4000K. There are also RGBW versions, and Spike, Honeycomb louvre, Tree strap, Anti-glare snoot and Extension pole accessories.

Ring Mega

Expanding the Ring family, Mega makes high impact precision lighting over large distances or the achievement of large wide beams throws easy. Mega offers up to 10,200 delivered lumens in 20° and 40° beam angles of 3000K, 4000K and RGBW lighting with IP66 and IK10 protection. There are also Spike, Honeycomb louvre, Tree strap, Anti-glare snoot and Extension pole accessories.

Tree Branch Bracket

Softening the hard urban space with its organic tree branch form, PUK’s Tree Branch Bracket enables Ring Mega to take on new life within the urban context. The Tree Branch Bracket can be added as required, creating singular to multi Ring Mega installations.

Ring Pole Mega

Using pole clamps for single or double heads, pole plates for mounting to even the largest diameter or shaped poles, or the new tree branch bracket, the Ring Pole family extends with Ring Pole Mega enabling lumens packages up to 2 x 10,120 to be realised.


Taking its name from the Italian Plaza, Plaza bring soft diffuse and glare free lighting to urban spaces thanks to its indirect LED light source. 500mm in diameter enables Plaza to integrate nicely into even the smallest urban space, and with light outputs from 2,000 to 5,800 lumens enables Plaza to pack a mighty punch for its size. Suited to 60mm diameter pole, or with adapter to 76mm, Plaza can be installed onto new or existing poles with ease.

Hydrofloor Micro and Mini Aluminium

Growing on the success of the Hydrofloor Micro in Stainless Steel, Hydrofloor Micro and Mini Aluminium offer higher static load resistance and IK ratings for recessed ground washing effects. Only 98mm or 130mm in diameter and with One, Two or Four windows with 90° ground wash optic, these are great solutions for navigation and effect lighting.

Line Vetro Slim

Continuous unbroken lines of light can be easily created using Line Vetro Slim in it’s 34mm wide by 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm lengths. Recessed below ground, Line Vetro Slim has IP67, IK09 and 3 tonne static load ratings to help protect it against arduous conditions. Fully potted with opal resin diffuser provides optimal protection of the LED.


The perfect solution for surface mounted downlighting, Cylinder offers beam angles from 4° to 60° making it ideal for installations up to 10m, or when needing the most economical wide throw for general lighting. With lumen packages from 580 to 5,000 lumens with non-dimmable, 1-10V or DALI dimming, Cylinder offers a discrete solution for general to creative applications.

About P.U.K. Italian Architectural Lighting

Crisp designs and simply styled products assimilate easily into any project, whether ultra-modern, contemporary, traditional or heritage. Simple shapes with clean lines, sharp corners and soft curves remove any distraction from the exterior or landscape design, offering a range of solutions that can be used to augment, match or assimilate within the design context.

With narrow beam optics to enable punchy highlighting or the throw of light over large distances, through to wider more diffuse effects for the ambient lighting of urban spaces, P.U.K. offers a complete portfolio of products for all applications.

Single colour temperature, RGBW and tunable white effects are available throughout the range, driven through DALI and DMX control to enable integration into the most simple of complex lighting control solution.

Copper free aluminium with specialised paint treatments provide protection against even the most arduous conditions, along with stainless steel fixings, IP, IK and load ratings to suit the vast range of environmental conditions and applications within urban, street, commercial and residential projects.

With P.U.K. you really can’t go wrong. Conceived to resolve the lighting requirements of any project, not matter what the scale. Designed and engineered to provide optimal performance and life. Quick lead times to service the fast paced nature of projects. Well priced to win.

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