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Electron Terano 25 : Highly resilient and adaptable range of trimless linear inground luminaires using potted resin diffusers

Terano 25 has your trimless linear inground lighting needs covered. With lengths from 250mm to 2,000mm in 250mm modular increments, Terano 25 can be used to create seamless lighting effects.

  • IP68
  • IK10
  • 500kg walk over limit
  • 2,000kg static load resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Salt water resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Hot water resistant
  • 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5700K / Tuneable White / RGBW
  • Diffuse / Lens optics
  • No tilt / 2.5° / 5° factory set

Everyday Hero’s in Lighting

A few solutions from our brands. Those everyday hero’s that help make a project.

Electron Terragon 40 Recessed Directional is the linear directional inground that can be aimed from the outside!

Electron’s Terragon 40 Recessed family covers a broad range of lighting options, with the Directional models enabling ±15° from the outside.

Just before inserting the fitting into the recess, power up the Terragon 40 Recessed and use the external aiming adjustment to create the perfect lit effect.

All Terragon 40 Recessed models are tailed complete with IP68 connectors, removing any need to enter the fitting during installation.

Terragon 40 Recessed offers risk free installation as the factory achieved IP rating is not compromised by any need to enter the fitting during installation.

Alternatively, use Fixed Directional models with factory set No tilt / 2.5° / 5° / 7.5°.

● 310mm / 560mm / 1,060mm long x 70mm wide
● 76mm deep recess
● 15° / 25° / 40° / 10° x 30° / 15° x 45° optics
● 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5700K / Tuneable White / RGBA / RGBW
● Non-dimmable / Phase / 1-10V / DALI + Push / DMX / Casambi
● 316 L stainless steel frame
● IP67
● IK10
● 500kg walk over limit
● 2,000kg static load resistance
● Suitable for marine and harsh environment applications
● 50,000 hours at L90 B10 at -25°C to +50°C ambient temperature range
● 5 years warranty

Electron Terragon 40 Honeycomb and Micro-Louvre for glare control

All Terragon 40 Recessed solutions are available with or without Honeycomb or Micro-Louvre glare control.

Fitted in the factory these two options enable lighting effects to be realised with maximum visual comfort by reducing the glare source of the light fitting.

When working within darker external environments, the brightness of the light source, if not managed, competes with light levels of the lit surface and may cause the lighting effect to become lost as the light source overwhelms the eyes.

Adding a Honeycomb or Micro-Louvre to the fitting limits the visibility of the light source to the eyes, reducing unwanted intense light from entering the eyes and generating a glare source.

A Honeycomb or Micro-Louvre is a simple low-cost factory-fitted solution to ensure the full impact and effect of the lighting is achieved.

Electron Terragon 40 White Light, Tuneable White Light, RGBA and RGBW options to cover every lighting requirement

Terragon 40 Recessed come in a wide range of light colour options to meet your lighting needs.

Single white colour temperatures in CIE Ra 80 or CIE Ra 90

● 2700K
● 3000K
● 4000K
● 5700K

Tuneable White colour temperatures in CIE Ra 80 or CIE Ra 90

● 2700K + 5700K

RGBA and RGBW effects

● RGBW (3000K)
● RGBW (4000K)

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