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Light Black’s purpose is to support you in the delivery of great projects using great solutions.

We take a considered approach, focusing on the outcome first, and the lighting solution as a means of delivery.

Light Black is about putting a smile on yours and your clients faces when you turn on the lights.

Bailey Shelley, Director

Karizma Luce : Lighting with Charisma!

Karizma Luce stands for lighting with charisma. Beautifully designed light fittings, enhanced with only the very best in LED technology. Specially developed for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and high-quality residential buildings. Always with fast delivery and a high-quality service.

Everyday Hero’s in Lighting

Catenary Lighting Set Free! Planet’s LED Puck Air is a revolution in catenary lighting. Discreet, robust, and with an incredibly compact design, LED Puck Air is the modern catenary lighting system the world has been waiting for.

Small Is Beautiful, Again. LED Puck Air is the lightest and smallest professional grade catenary luminaire ever made, at only 25mm in diameter and approximately 90 grams per luminaire.

Streamlined simplicity is at the core of the LED Puck Air system. No extra clunky power wires and no typical catenary clutter. Also, LED Puck Air’s tension requirements for mounting are minimal, reducing project time and cost and removing engineering complexity.

The Complete Design Suite LED Puck Air is not just a light, but an all-in-one lighting suite designed to bring a personal and creative vision to life. LED Puck Air comes complete with a package of options and accessories for lighting designers and engineers – giving confidence and control to create a unique lighting experience.

Conceived as an homage to the City of Light, the Paname collection features four families of luminaire, each designed around a particular grid motif.

The simple, rectilinear grid of Belleville evokes the contemporary style of this once working class suburb that is now the temple to Parisian street art.

The Monceau and its chevron grid make reference to the characteristic pattern of the antique parquet floors typical of the best addresses in Paris.

Clad in its grid of interlocking motifs, the Vendôme luminaire echoes the main roads that feed into the famous Parisian square renowned worldwide for its great fine jewellery houses.

Specially designed for the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where it now lights the museum’s contemporary art galleries, Rivoli spans a very broad range of multiple applications.

Light Black LineX System. The all in black 48V system that includes Slim, High, Recessed Easy and Recessed Adjustable Tracks covering all of your needs.

Simply clip in single and twin spot lights, a zoom spot, pendants, linear diffused, linear prismatic, linear louvred or wall washers where ever required, and secure them in place using the push buttons at the end of each unit.

Line X is the ultimately flexible solution that adapts to meet your project lighting needs, now and in the future.

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