About Light Black

Light Black is focused on the delivery of lighting solutions that exploit their potential.

After more than 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry, I have formed Light Black to offer a focused collection of brands and products, backed with full service and technical support, that enables the full potential of any project to be met.

As lighting technologies and products continue to innovate at a fast pace, the opportunities to utilize lighting to enhance architecture and design grow, requiring a focus on optimal solutions which are supported by critical information and advice.

The technical demands of lighting have increased with LED, and so have the opportunities to exploit its miniaturization and form factor with new product designs, lighting effects and through product integration into architectural design.

Light Black’s purpose is to support you in the delivery of great projects using great solutions, that have been selected through a considered approach focusing on the outcome first, and the lighting solution as a means of delivery.

Light Black is about putting a smile on yours and your clients faces when you turn on the lights.

Bailey Shelley, Director

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