Great Brands who have a proven track record, have gained significant support in their markets, offer reliable products and provide comprehensive warranties and product support are key, and it’s only brands of that caliber that are supported by Light Black.

Lighting Systems for Museums, Architects and Planners. Since 2011 corporate friends® has developed customised LED lighting and complex lighting systems for museums, architects and light planners, especially in the field of display and showcase lighting. Besides classic lighting and product design, their services comprise the development and production of lighting systems, lighting control, light management and lighting measurement.

In terms of design and development of LED lighting, corporate friends® combine the high requirements of conservators and specialist planners for light quality and the challenges from architects and exhibition designers with today’s technical possibilities. For corporate friends® this bridge is always an exciting balancing act between the technically feasible and the design goal.

Minimalist design, high quality materials and surfaces are as much a focus as light quality. Corporate friends® only use LEDs with the highest colour rendering and a low light damage potential. They are regularly tested and certified by independent museums and institutes such as the Rathgen Research Laboratory. In parallel, corporate friends® measure the lighting spectral analysis according to the new IES standard TM-30-15 and the relative damage potential in their in-house lighting laboratory. Thus, corporate friends® have a photogoniometer and an integrating sphere at their disposal!

ELECTRON SA was established in 1978 and is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the commercial lighting field worldwide. Today they export products to more than 65 countries worldwide and are active participants in international lighting exhibitions around the world. ELECTRON is located in its 2,800m² facilities in Athens, Greece.

ELECTRON SA offers a complete set of architectural luminaires for indoor and outdoor use.

The company also manufactures custom linear LED fittings (recessed, semi recessed, pendant, trimless, inground) built according to specific project requirements, and predominately utilize Nichia or CREE LEDs.

ELECTRON SA also designs a wide range of aluminium profiles for concealed lighting, in ground use, step lighting, etc.

Their architectural lighting range also includes a collection of plaster solutions for trimless integration or surface mounting that can be finished as per project paint specifications.

Founded in 1986 by the company’s Managing Director, Mr David Tilbury, Intralux Australia has extensive international presence in more than 20 countries via strategic alliances with local distributors and re-sellers. The manufacturing facilities encompass  modern semi-automated production techniques and an in-house research and development department that utilises sophisticated 3D modelling technology to take advantage of rapid prototyping processes.

The Intralux team comprises of dedicated professionals working together in a corporate culture that is focused on the customer, Human Resources, Design and Innovation.

  • Customers, design inception driven by customer needs, delivery time, prices and personalised service.
  • Human Resources, in terms of continuous learning, team work and people empowerment.
  • Design and Innovation, in terms of investment in new technology and acquisition of new techniques to achieve one of Intralux’ competitive advantages – clever design. The intense development processes that Intralux employs will certainly assure the quality of products with unparalleled performance, lasting well into the future. Their aims are to provide maximum benefits, utilising the latest lamp technology available in the world today.

Preferred partner for design lighting systems of architects and project lighting companies.

Karizma Luce stands for lighting with charisma. Beautifully designed light fittings enhanced with only the very best in led technology.

Karizma Luce is a Dutch manufacturer of premium LED lighting. Their exclusive design lighting systems are mainly used in the hospitality industry, offices and high-end residential buildings.

In-house Design And Manufacturing : Karizma Luce can be distinguished by its Italian design, created by their own design department. Manufacturing also takes place in-house. They guarantee a high-quality finish and only use top-quality components. With Karizma Luce, you are guaranteed to find an unprecedented lighting range coupled with outstanding performance.

Premium Quality With Affordability : With their drive for innovation, in-house facilities, high quality, fast delivery and extensive warranty, they are a preferred partner for high-end architects and project lighting companies.

Light4U is driven by their three core values to meet customer and project expectations.

They have everything it takes to deliver customized quality: a wide range, a large stock and an innovative technical department.

Committed to continual innovation and quality, Light4U’s expertise is delivered through its products and support.

Flexibility : Light4U can work within tight delivery time frames, even when customization is required, utilizing their industry knowledge, experience, technical ability and quality standard to meet specific lighting needs.

This flexibility without compromise keeps Light4U at the forefront of the industry.

Vibrant : Light4U’s passion is shared throughout the business and is key to their teamwork and dedication to the delivery of great products, great projects and making a difference in the world around us.

Quality LED lighting solutions for retail, hospitality, museums, galleries, exhibitions, churches, residential, commercial and architectural lighting.

Ljus Design has a wonderful pedigree, lighting many Scandinavian projects of historical significance.

Their drive for innovation has led to the development of miniaturised solutions, capturing the qualities of exhibition lighting in small format luminaires that can be used to bring drama, focus and precision to the full gamut of interiors projects.

Hospitality – Residential – Retail – Leisure – Commercial – Marine

Over the last 30 years working closely with the professional lighting design community Lucent has established itself as one of the foremost performance architectural lighting manufacturers in the World.

With offices in London and New York and supported by a specialist distributor and agency network in over 40 countries worldwide Lucent is ideally placed to be your global lighting partner.

Traditionally Lucent specialized in the design and manufacture of architectural downlights but recently has diversified into other sectors with outdoor, spotlights, linear profiles, surface, pendant and in wall fixtures now available.

Lucent continues to strive to source, manufacture and supply performance architectural lighting products which meet the aesthetic and technical specifications of clients, whilst maintaining its position as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects, both at home and internationally.

Made in Australia. Exported to the World. Planet Lighting has evolved and adapted to changes in the market for over 100 years.

Class Leading Design And Manufacture : The Planet Lighting design tradition heralds back to the early 1900s, when founder WA Iggulden set up Bentley Mfg Co in Melbourne to produce building tools to patented designs. Since the 1930s Planet has been manufacturing lights, including the iconic Australian classic, the Studio K desk lamp. Over the years, their facilities have expanded to include handblown artisan glassblowing facilities, a high tech LED laboratory and state of the art CNC equipment to ensure high quality in-house capability, and a comprehensive approach to lighting manufacturing.

Today, Planet is one of the leading suppliers of Puck Handrail Lighting, Medical & Surgical lights, LED and custom lighting solutions and are uniquely placed to provide the expertise and know-how required to work with lighting designers and specifiers to realize creative custom lighting ideas and concepts.

Embracing LED Technology : Planet was one of the first manufacturers to embrace the emerging LED technology and has a track record of incorporating LEDs in custom design for over a decade. The FMC range was one of Australia’s first commercially available LED downlights and the ingenious LED Puck revolutionized handrail lighting, winning awards nationally and abroad. Additionally, their medical range has grown to incorporate new LED medical examination lights, over-bed lights and a complete range of minor and major surgical lights.

In the last few years their new direction includes lights for the aquaculture and marine sector.

Designed In Australia, Exported Worldwide : With a focus on commercial niche markets, Planet Lighting has leveraged its agile design and engineering team to meet needs across multiple worldwide markets.

Over the decades, they have developed an extensive worldwide distribution network, and aim their resource focus on developing these export markets.

Currently Planet Lighting export the LED Puck and aquaculture fittings into a broad and ever growing list of overseas markets throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Pushing The Limits Of Technology : Planet’s constant review of leading brands and processes keeps them abreast of the latest developments and allows them to deliver the best solutions to selected markets.

Their design team maintains deep knowledge in manufacturing processes, and supplier technologies such as: LED emitters, MCPCB, reflective and refractive optics, power supply, and control technologies. They thus ensure that their design choices are cutting edge.

One Puck. One Planet. Infinite Possibilities.

Planet believes a lighting vision expressed beautifully can capture an entire generation.

Small, discreet and endlessly versatile, Planet LED Puck is designed to bring your unique lighting vision to life – whether your project is a pedestrian bridge in Sweden or a jewellery store in Hong Kong.

Their famous Planet LED Puck has brought to life countless infrastructure, national heritage buildings and urban centres around the globe, and helped hundreds of designers and engineers achieve their goals and dreams.

And every day, Planet continues their unstoppable creative pursuit to find the world’s new light.

So you can shine brighter than ever.

Medical And Surgical Lighting

Planet has 50 years’ experience in medical lighting, with the Model I examination light being released in the 1960s as the first dedicated Australian made medical light. Since then they have supplied tens of thousands of examination and minor surgery lights to clinics and hospitals all over Australia and New Zealand. Planet’s design philosophy revolves around exact and effortless arm-positioning and ensuring an optimum light beam. All their medical lights are developed with precision engineering and ingenuity. Every part of a medical light is selected based on durability and functionality – the end result is a medical light that stands the test of time and meets Australian and New Zealand Standards.

MBN-PROLED was founded in 1988 and is an innovative, leading German company operating in the development and manufacture of LED lighting. Specializing exclusively in LED technology since 2005, they are therefore one of the pioneers of the LED lighting industry.

Their passion and enthusiasm is LED. They combine experience, accuracy, technological progress and constant quality control in accordance with the latest standards to offer innovative and high-quality products at an excellent price and quality level.

Their high-quality LED luminaires, controls and components are offered worldwide under the well-known brand PROLED®.

The product range includes a wide range of flexible LED strips, matching innovative profiles, and interior and exterior lighting for commercial and industrial buildings, retail, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The product portfolio is rounded off by a large number of intelligent controls for modern and comfortable light management. Their extensive range of products, fast delivery times, outstanding price-performance ratio and the option of manufacturing and packaging according to your requirements, make them your ideal partner.

Created in 1995, p.u.k. specializes in the study and creation of lighting solutions for exterior architecture, landscape and urban applications.

p.u.k. follows each project with the greatest care and attention, offering effective collaboration to enhance all aspects, whether technical, structural, expressive or related to performance. Operating throughout the world, p.u.k. has become a point of reference in the field of exterior lighting.

For the owners, the Merati family, light is a passion. Discovered in the sixties, today that passion is shared and fueled by the brothers Daniele and Stefano, who have been leading the company along a path of constant development since 1990. They are surrounded every day by a team of hard working, professional and skillful enthusiasts. The technical and sales management and staff work together to find the best solutions.

p.u.k. is competitive, professional, flexible and fast, providing speedy, helpful and decisive answers, for both technical and sales issues.

Their experience speaks volumes, having worked on ambitious projects all over the world with successful architects, lighting designers and consultants of international acclaim.

p.u.k. gives their all to every project, irrespective of the size or importance of the job, never stopping and striving to exceed their own goals. For p.u.k. what really counts is the result, achieved by accepting new challenges and meeting expectations. Exceeding them, if possible.

Sammode has been a 100% French manufacturer for nearly 90 years, and its success has been founded on three essential values: fitness for purpose, reliability and longevity.

Throughout its history, it has successfully balanced craftsmanship with industrial processes, and its legacy of expertise with cutting-edge technologies to position itself as a designer/manufacturer with control over every stage of production from design through to fabrication, therefore removing any need for subcontractors. This structure allows Sammode to guarantee the strength, sealing system and durability of its products, and do so with great flexibility. The aesthetic finish and functionality of Sammode-developed lighting solutions now set the benchmark for an entire industry.

Expertise and Values : At Sammode, the most important things are smart thinking, ingenuity and attention to detail. From the very beginning, their luminaires have been primarily functional and universally recognised for their high performance.

Constantly improved and refined over many years, they incorporate the latest technologies and the most effective materials available. Their complete control of manufacturing expertise and the production chain means that Sammode can confidently guarantee to deliver the highest quality, especially in extreme environments (from -60°C to 200°C), so that its products are equally suitable for the reactor building of a nuclear power plant and the new interiors of the Dufour Pavilion at the Château de Versailles.

Throughout their history, they have been committed to the quest for durability in the materials they use and the luminaires they produce, rejecting the idea of throwaway products and planned obsolescence, and embracing production economy and appropriate packaging. Their goal has always been to impose the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Commitment : Appropriate Innovation : Sammode is constantly researching and developing new lighting solutions driven by technological progress and its commitment to solving practical problems specific to each customer. A demanding approach to technical issues is central to this commitment, as is minute attention to detail in design and manufacture, both of which contribute to meeting an exacting set of product functionality and durability criteria.

Xicato Flexible LED Linear Lighting Portfolio

A complete portfolio of best-of-breed flexible linear solutions that enable uniform lighting designs with options that match the distinguished Xicato color point the market craves. Unlike other linear products, XFL offers in multitude of profiles, densities and color; meeting the most stringent requirements of architects, lighting designers and specifiers.

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