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‘Heroes by Application‘ has expanded, making it easier to find solutions suited to particular applications.

Display Case Lighting

Small discrete solutions developed, engineered and delivered to ensure full attention is given to items in a display or showcase.

The lighting of display and showcases requires solutions that have been miniaturised to enable them to integrate into the case in the least visible way possible. Heroing a display item requires great optics and accessories able to focus attention, drawing it out from the backdrop, ensuring the item is accurately rendered and seen in it’s most true and natural form.

Product flexibility is also key, enabling re-aiming and re-positioning of fittings to suit the ever changing needs of the highly fluid environment. With the change of seasons, or the launch of a new range, retail displays need to be easily adaptable, and that’s where specialised solutions make it simple.

With Corporate Friends and Ljus we’ve got it covered, making it easy for you to solve retail display and showcase lighting needs.

Retail Lighting

A thorough range of solutions to meet all of your retail lighting needs.

  • Track
  • Downlight
  • Surface
  • Pendant
  • Flexible LED

Working with Light4U and ProLED, we can help you develop a lighting solution that supports the specific needs of the retail environment.

With product able to be typically delivered within 3 to 4 weeks, or less, the tight time frames of retail fit outs can be met.

When selling retail, customers decisions are made on a number of factors, including price and appearance, two immediate visual queues. If the price looks reasonable and the product looks good, then the customer is open to purchasing.

Light4U and ProLED have a comprehensive range of solutions for just this purpose – making sure the product looks good. They offer a range of specific light qualities to suit the product.

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Cheese and Dairy
  • Fresh and Cooked Meats
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Bakery
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Full Spectrum
  • Human Centric
  • Premium White
  • Dim to Warm
  • Tuneable White

Greenwall and Plant Lighting

The increasing use of greenwalls and indoor planting in commercial office spaces and other interior environments has enormous benefits for humans and building energy use, but keeping plants alive, or even better, enabling them to flourish is not easy.

Intralux’s Enepro Grow is the ideal track and surface mounted solution to this, providing a tailored light spectrum in 3500K that enables plant growth and propagate.

With Intralux’s Enepro Grow you can grow rich indoor planting, full of plant species diversity, and rich with their leaf and flow colours.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting can be driven by the need for performance (to uplight a large ceiling or achieve target illuminance levels on the working plane) or to achieve a decorate effect.

Light Black has solutions for all of these needs, drawing upon solutions from Intralux, ProLED and Xicato to find the ideal solution.

Performance driven cove lighting requires solutions able to deliver medium to large lumen packages using controlled and adjustable optics that can uplight medium to large ceiling spaces. For example large entry lobbies to buildings with double height voids. Here, cove lighting can be used to adequately light the space to standards requirements, removing the need for downlighting. Nice clean ceilings devoid of penetrations!

Decorative cove lighting focuses on the achievement on the lighting effect, appearance of the cove, or the way the lighting solution integrates into the architecture. These solutions can include profiles that are built into the architecture, creating solutions that become an integral part of the space. No need for bulky builders works to try and create a minimal solution, as the lighting solution itself resolves the builders works as well as the lighting.

To find out more about any one of these solutions contact Light Black.

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