Greenwall and Plant Solutions

Plants aren’t like you or I, and the language of lighting is very different.

Micro mols per second (µmol/s) become the measure of how successful artificially lit greenwall or planting will be. Not forgetting of course the qualities of the light spectrum itself, and the UV-B and IR profile.

But, if you want your architecturally lit interior space to also be a success, finding the right balance between the needs of the plants and the humans must be found, as light sources purely dedicated to plant growth do not suit architectural interiors.

With Intralux’s Enepro Grow, this balance is found, offering full spectrum 3500K warm white light with great plant lighting characteristics to deliver a solution for the interior space featuring planting. Enepro Grow will help plants throughout their full natural cycle of growth and flowering, ensuring long plant life, and a rich seasonal space full of colour and change.

Under the umbrella of biophilic design, the introduction of planting to interior spaces is a proven solution to create spaces more connected to nature that we as humans can thrive in. Plants also lock in carbon, releasing oxygen in the process, helping improve air quality at the same time. They also help reduce air temperature, enabling air conditioning power consumption to reduce. As if that wasn’t enough, plants also provide great acoustic treatments for spaces.

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Intralux Enepro Grow

Intralux’s Enepro Grow is the perfect solution for architectural spaces that include planting.

Enepro Grow’s specialist LED combines 3500K warm white light and CRI 93+ high colour rendering with lighting characteristics required for plant growth, to deliver an industry leading solution for green walls and indoor plant support.

Carefully selected to support foliage growth and flowering cycles, Enepro Grow helps ensure the success of plants grown within artificially lit environments.


  • Non-dimmable 3 circuit track / Dimmable 3 circuit track / Surface mounted
  • 130mm wide x 165mm high x 40mm deep
  • 39.9W
  • 3500K
  • 3,797 lumens
  • CIE Ra 93
  • TM30 Rf 94 Rg 103
  • 3 Macadam steps
  • Planet specific data
    • PPF range 20 – 255 µmol/s
    • Average photon efficacy 2.2 µmol/J
  • >50000h L80 B10
  • Maximum ambient temperature 25°C
  • 26° / 37° / 58° / 28° x 58° vertical spread / 58° x 28° vertical spread optics
  • 90° tilt x 355° rotation
  • IP20
  • Non-dimmable / DALI
  • White / Black texture powdercoat finish
  • 5 year warranty

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