Intralux joins Light Black

Having worked closely with Intralux for several years, it’s a great pleasure to have them join Light Black, and to be able to act as their distributor for the Auckland region.

Intralux’s approach to lighting is very much aligned with Light Black’s, which is to provide lighting solutions with very clear purpose and project application.

Intralux’s collection focuses on a number of lighting applications where they have been able to research, design and develop products that feature intelligent approaches to deliver better outcomes. This enables Intralux to maintain a focused product range that assists designers, specifiers, contractors and end clients achieve enhanced solutions to their project needs.

Intralux’s collection includes:

  • Versatile VL9050 : A 50 x 90mm extrusion system enabling the easy design and installation of multi-functional outcomes. A range of linear optics can be combined with uplighting, integrated spots and track to create unique customer centric solutions.
  • KoveLED Adjustable, Professional and Tuneable : A family of high performance cove lighting products that can be joined in up to 60m on a circuit. This removes the need for multiple power feeds within the confined cove space, and provides the contractor with a solution that is fast and super friendly to install. Packed with plenty of punch, these solutions can be used to light spaces indirectly, reducing the need for direct downlighting approaches and creating spaces with a more comfortable ambient effect.
  • KoveLED Mini : Small profile cove lighting solutions for more delicate or effect lighting requirements, for example meeting room coves. All KoveLED Mini are made to measure up to 2,500mm long, and feature long tails with plugs to enable easy connection to power supplies and adjacent units. Profiles sizes range across 10.5 x 8mm to 35 x 35mm and include surface and recessed options.
  • Slite : A small profile solution for the lighting of shelves. The LED is perfectly oriented and shielded to light items on display on the shelf, creating a comfortable and highly effective view.
  • Enepro Grow : If you’ve ever struggled to keep plants in an interior space alive, or not been able to create an environment in which they thrive, then Enepro Grow is part of the solution. Featuring a highly specialised LED to nurture plants and enable growth and flowering, Enepro Grow also uses 3500K high CRI warm white light for architectural lighting needs. A win win and a highly valuable part of biophillic design.
  • COG LED 2.0 : An installer friendly exterior and wet spaces linear lighting solution for the grazing of walls, uplighting of canopies, and linear lighting effects in general. With IP65 rating, COG LED 2.0 can be surface mounted as required, and uses a super simple ‘Plug+Go’ system to enable up to 60m to be interconnected in a single circuit.

Intralux products are made in Australia, achieving shorter lead time, competitive pricing and reduced carbon footprint.

To find out more, simply click the links above, or drop us a line at Light Black.

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