Flexible LED

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PROLED’s German engineered Flexible LED solutions provide a comprehensive range of options which are all backed by their 5 year warranty.

Manufactured by PROLED, these solutions have the following typical characteristics:

  • >50,000 hours expected lifespan
  • L80 B10
  • Macadam 3-step
  • Ambient temperature range -20°C to +45°C

Within the PROLED Flexible LED collection, the following selections can be made:

  • IP20, IP53, IP54, IP65, IP68
  • Ra 80, Ra 90, Ra 95, Ra 98
  • 6000K, 4000K, 3000K, 2700K, 2400K, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Dim-To-Warm, Dynamic White, RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW, RGBW+WW, Pixel Control
  • Specialist spectrums for Food
  • 5V, 12V and 24V
  • 300 to 6,500 lumens per metre

Light Black Flexible LED

Fantastically flexible and having perfectly homogeneous lit surfaces. Light Black Flexible LED is the perfect solution for creating glowing lines and shapes.

Suitable for indoors and out, and with high resistance to salt water, solvents, UV and flame, Light Black Flexible LED can be used pretty much anywhere you can imagine it.

Light Black Flexible LED is perfectly suited to being run in long straight lines, or formed into complex shapes using the variety of mounting accessories.

With perfectly homogeneous lit surface (single or three sided) Light Black Flexible LED is intended to be seen, and thanks to the range of sizes, can be used to create fines lines as well as bolder effects.

Available in two types:

  • PVC sheathed : Ambient temperature range -20°C to +45°C : 3 year warranty
  • Silicone sheathed : Ambient temperature range -40°C to +55°C : 5 year warranty
  • >33,000 hours expected lifespan
  • L70

Within the Light Black Flexible LED collection, the following selections can be made:

  • IP65, IP67, IP68
  • Ra 80, Ra 90
  • 6500K, 5700K, 5000K, 4500K, 4000K, 3500K, 3000K, 2700K, 2500K, 2200K, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Amber, Dynamic White, RGB, RGA, RGBW, RGBWW, Pixel Control
  • 24V with other voltages on request
  • 90 to 900 lumens per metre in white spectrums
  • 50mm to 300mm bending radii
  • 5m to 20m single circuit lengths when fed from one end
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