Bringing more light to the darkness! Light Black!

Sammode : Expressions of Light

Sammode’s stunning expression of light through the gorgeous forms of their luminaires adds an honesty and purity to projects.

Whether captured in tubes, expressed in the MOD forms of Stefan Diez, or immortalised in the 1950’s designs of Pierre Guariche, Sammode adds a unique style to any project.

The tubes are the hallmark of Sammode, formed on a history of specialist luminaires for hazardous and extreme environments, and offer ingress protection and impact ratings making them suitable for indoors and the most extreme of outdoor conditions.

Electron’s Elegant collection can be used both indoors and outdoors to graze and wash walls with light.

Available in 24V Mini, Midi and Max models of varying lumen packages and LED spacings, Elegant can be used to stunning effect to bring even the tallest wall to life.

If a mains voltage solutions is required, then HV is available with Midi performance.

With a great range of optics, and a variety of mounting brackets, it’s easy to utilise Elegant to create the perfect effect.

In full range of colour temperatures, as well as single colours, RGB and RGBW it’s easy to draw out the natural characteristics of the facade, or add colour and dynamic effects for impact.

Xicato XFL offers unequalled light quality and reliability for designers using linear effects.

Linear lighting created by coves, pelmets and extrusions enable the most amazing integrated effects to be realised.

Emanating from the architecture itself, or expressed in a delicate or bold profile, linear effects become one with the design, embellishing and revealing the form of the space and richness of the finishes.

Xicato XFL offers a full range of colour temperatures, dim to warm, tuneable white and RGBW solutions for indoors and out with unparalleled colour rendering (TM30, CIE Ra and R9), lifetime, failure rates and warranty.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Vesta Pendant exemplifies the simplest of forms, the tube. A simple clean form that assimilates into any space, and can be made to hide away or stand out bold and bright.

Suspended in any project, Karizma Luce’s Dea Vesta Pendant can be used to focus attention in one place at a breakout space, create intimacy throughout a restaurant, or create a feature over a bar leaner when hung in groups. The versatility of the simple tubular form of Dea Vesta is fantastic!

Available with recessed, surface or track mounting, Dea Vesta can be used anywhere within the interior.

How you present Dea Vesta is up to you. Pure in white or bold in black? But Dea Vesta’s chameleon nature does not end there. Inner reflector finishes of silver high gloss, black high gloss, white, chrome, gold, black matt and copper add the personal finishing touch.

Light brings life to the darkness, transforming spaces into places to be enjoyed, admired, lived and worked in. With great lighting options, light and dark are the perfect partners.

Light Black.

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