Lights bring Life to July!

Only five months since the launch of Light Black, and there’s never a dull moment. So many great lighting solutions to share!

Without any shadow of a doubt, P.U.K. Italian Architectural Lighting is an absolute stellar performer in exterior lighting. With a full suite of products to cover all of the bases, it’s easy to use P.U.K. to bring life to any project, no matter how big or small. From the delicate accentuation of small features to the charismatic lighting of urban spaces, P.U.K. has a brilliant range to work with.

The link below launched their 2021 catalogue, showcasing new releases and capturing the essence of P.U.K.

This month also highlights the Lucent TubeLED range; Nano, Micro, Mini and Midi. Beautifully engineered, detailed and finished, TubeLED brings sophistication to any project. Lucent is fully focused on light quality and optics, and have a strong global reputation and support from lighting designers and major companies (for example many hotel chains and retailers) for this.

Complimenting this is the Ljus Gimmick, the ultra small solution for display case lighting. Tiny in the extreme, Gimmick can be fitted to 12V Pico Trak, linear profile or be mounted beside the display item and bring it to life. With built in dimmer for the Pico Trak and profile mounted solutions, every item on display can be perfectly lit.

Finally, Planet Medical’s OBL Overbed Light. Made in Australia, this highly versatile bed head solution comes in 500mm and 1,000mm units that can be configured with up, down and night lighting with Cyanosis compliance. With fast lead times, and locally made, the OBL gains significant support. With a range of examination lighting solutions also made by Planet Medical, they are the local go to for medical lighting needs.

Thanks for all of your support in making Light Black a success, and here’s to more great projects!

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