MOD by Sammode

Conceived by the German designer Stefan Diez for Sammode, MOD exemplifies the Sammode way with it’s stunning design that reveals and expresses its natural beauty in electrifying detail.

Made entirely of anodised aluminium, the head of this lamp slides on a double arch so that it can be swivelled in any direction. In a superbly clever piece of electrical engineering design, each arch partners to provides the electrical connection to the LED, removing any need for a cable, and creating a brilliant flexible connection of the simplest form.

MOD is available in many guises, where combinations of colour and shade (collimator) type can be used in perfect visual partnership. Whether striking or soft, colours and shades can be combined in perfect unison. Glass is available in clear, green, amber, smoked and frosted.

In its sober Silver finish, opt for a transparent shade or collimator, to highlight the architecture in soft or intensive light. In its highly decorative Champagne version it will spread its subtle and warm lighting through an amber shade or perforated collimator.

MOD can be used effortlessly throughout any project, whether in recessed, surface, track or pendant form. The combinations of colour and shade type enable MOD to take its place perfectly, with softness and warmth in champagne, or strength and boldness in black. MOD adapts just as design adapts to suit the client needs.

MOD is available in the following options:

  • 2700K or 3000K
  • CRI 90+
  • 900 or 1400 lumens per head
  • Black, Bronze, Champagne and Silver body
  • Black or White track adapter
  • Solid or Perforated collimator
  • Clear, Green, Amber, Smoked and Frosted glass diffuser

Give free rein to your projects, with this really stand-out spotlight!

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