Xicato XFL : redefining flexible LED

Integrated and linear lighting creates enormous opportunity for designers to explore new approaches, and deliver unique solutions that assimilate into or embolden the space.

Xicato XFL is the world leading solution for this approach, offering lighting quality and metrics that deliver unrivalled performance.

With a full range to cater to all needs, there is nothing Xicato XFL cannot do with its IP22 and IP67 collection:

  • Static White : the largest seller with 240 LEDs per metre
  • High Density : very high density product with 700 LEDs per metre
  • Ultra Slim (IP22 only) : only 4mm wide high-density product with 238 LEDs/m
  • Full Spectrum : designed to closely match the spectrum of natural daylight. Designed for health and well-being applications
  • Tunable White : tuneable lighting options designed to use a 2-channel driver
  • Side Emitting : light is emitted parallel to the adhering surface, and applicable to wall washing
  • Dim to Warm
  • RGBW

With unmatched performance for CRI, R9, and TM30 fidelity (Rf) and gamut (Rg), Xicato XFL enables spaces to be brought to life in the most natural way possible, revealing the richness of finishes, enabling fine detail to be seen, and most importantly bringing out natural skin tone with purity.

Xicato XFL offers a 10 year warranty, but not as most would know it.

  • At the end of life, the end of the warranty period, all of the product will continue to produce more than or equal to 70% of original light output (L70).
  • At the end of life, the end of the warranty period, not one Xicato XFL LED will have failed (B0).

The way in which Xicato XFL renders colour is superb, with a richness and accuracy that brings any space and project to life. Combine this with the warranty, and Xicato delivers an unrivalled solution.

This combination of performance and quality (warranty) ensures any project is not just beautifully lit, but also cost effectively lit, and this reinforces the Xicato claim to be the very best in class.

To learn a bit more, watch this You Tube interview, or drop me a line.

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