C’est Magnifique! C’est Sammode!

Sammode joins Light Black, bringing an ultimately unique offering to lighting projects.

Sammode Elgar

For nearly 90 years Sammode has created the most amazingly robust and versatile solutions for some of the most arduous conditions imaginable, from super hot smelting works, to explosive gas environments, to rail yards and tunnels where conditions require operation in extremes of temperature, resistance to corrosive substances, protection against ingress of solids and liquids, and resistance to high impact.

Sammode Mondrian

Delivered in sealed transparent tubes of varying diameters and lengths, and finished with stainless steel end caps, fixings and components, Sammode’s Industrial solutions have always been beautiful and honest thanks to their raw and exposed forms.

Sammode Qanik

In more recent decades, solutions for Architecture and Studio have been created due to the demand on Sammode to offer their solutions for these projects.

Sammode Rimbaud

Light Black offers the Architecture and Studio collections, making the raw and beautiful honesty of these solutions available to commercial, exteriors, interiors, architecture, landscape, urban, hospitality, retail and residential projects alike.

Sammode Brueghel

Sammode is a brand unlike any other, so make your project unique, and make it Sammode.

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