Ljus : Making Exhibitions of Interiors

Ljus Design makes any interior space an exhibition, thanks to their superlative collection of specialist spot lights.

With long standing history and renown in the lighting of museum and exhibition spaces, Ljus Design has extended their expertise through miniaturisation.

Now you can deliver the dramatic and curated effects more often seen throughout museums and exhibitions in retail, hospitality, churches, residential, commercial and architectural lighting.

Their drive for innovation has led to the development of miniaturised solutions, capturing the qualities of exhibition lighting in small format luminaires that can be used to bring drama, focus and precision to the full gamut of interiors projects.

Whether it’s in the pinspotting of dining tables in a restaurant, the curating of a cabinet in retail, the framing of artwork in a home, staging a garment in fashion retail, venerating a religious artifact in a holy place, or any of the countless other effects that can be used to respect the object or space, Ljus Design captures those qualities.

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