Lucent : Ljus : Karizma Luce : Light Black

May already and time to shine more light to Light Black!

Lucent is a brand with great purpose, offering a beautifully detailed and timeless collection with exceptional light sources for the lighting designer. Discrete light sources with exceptional optics and CRI 98 bring to life the atmosphere in any project, creating environments for hospitality, entertainment, retail, commercial and residential alike.

Ljus is exhibition lighting, but with their miniaturised range, these skillfully crafted lighting effects can be added to any project, whether to frame artwork, pose a statue, present a retail item, or add drama to a beautiful home.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Feronia brings together two sleek adjustable light tubes into a gorgeous single surface mounted solution. Available in black or white, and with seven colours to chose from for the inner reflector, Dea Feronia brings style and elegance to any space.

Light Black Flatia is about as flat as they come! The 14mm thick Classic model is partnered by the 45mm thick Decorative, creating slender circles of light in 350mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm diameter. In Black or White, and Black with Gold hem as per the Decorative model below, Flatia maximises the ambience of a space.

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