Karizma Luce Dea Durga

Durga is known as a fierce goddess, wife of Shiva. She is usually depicted riding a tiger or lion and slaying the buffalo demon, and with eight or ten arms. The Dea Durga does her job with only one arm, but with the same power and effectiveness.

Karizma Luce is a formidable protagonist of charismatic interior lighting solutions. They beautifully blend form and colour to deliver a range of solutions to transform any interior, whether by subtle from or striking colour.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Durga is no exception, revealing itself from the ceiling to guide the light where required. Integrated into the ceiling in trimless form, or more simply with a trim as Dea Charon, the finish is second to none.

Ingeniously, Dea Durga’s reflectors can be changed, thanks to the magnet fixing, creating a solution that can be customised to suit the project, and never grow tired, rejuvenating itself over time. Available in Gold, Silver High Gloss, White, Black High Gloss, Black Matt, Chrome and new Copper finishes.

And if you’re not a fan of the black body, for today’s project at least, then there’s always white!

The standard installation frame is single, but you can choose to create a duo, triple, quadruple or quadruple square application. Just cut the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. Supplied with single installation frame, extra frames have to be ordered separately.

Let Karizma Luce Dea Durga’s trimless and versatile fixture play a decisive role in your light plan.

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