Light Black Dome

The Dome family is the general lighting downlight for all occasions. There’s just the right size, lumen package, beam angle and colour temperature to suit your needs in one of the four models; Dome 75, Dome 100, Dome 150 and Dome 200.

With lensed optic and secondary reflector, Dome is a great solution for interior projects, providing low glare lighting (UGR < 19) maintaining high visual comfort, and helping create the desired effect and ambience.

With a delivered lumen range of 700 to 4,600, and beam angles of 18°, 25°, 30°, 50° and 60°, Dome is the downlight for every occasion.

IP54 as standard, Dome can take it’s place throughout any interior, in all of those wet space interiors, and around the building canopy.

Dome is available in all driver and lighting control options, and is priced to be the winner.

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