More Lighting Heroes Showcased!

This month we’re showcasing four great lighting solutions on our Home Page from across our brands; Planet Puck, Lucent, P.U.K and Planet Medical.

Planet Puck were the originators of the integrated handrail lighting solution, enabling designers to create completely new and originally lit projects, and they haven’t stopped since. With the Generation 5 Puck, it has never been easier and faster to create beautifully lit projects, with the Puck now integrated into all forms of structures and furniture in ingenious ways.

Lucent is an English company with a long tradition of providing tastefully discrete lighting solutions. The Edge range is perhaps their most well known, and provides a beautiful pinhole downlight solution. Lucent has always shown great care for light quality, and has now extended their own range of LED 50 engines to cover CRI 90, CRI 93 and CRI 98. If you want the very best pinhole downlight solution, you don’t need to look any further than their Edge.

P.U.K. produces a stellar collection of lighting solutions for exteriors, which are perfectly suited for the landscape architect and designer working on building facades and urban spaces. This month we’ve focused on the Book Pole contemporary solution, a clean rectilinear fitting with Rotosymmetrical, Cycle Route / Pedestrian, and Street optics. P.U.K. solutions are made of copper free aluminium, and use a multi-layer chromatisation and painting process to provide solutions tested and proven for marine coastal conditions – which are just about everywhere New Zealander’s live, work and play!

Lastly, and by no means least, Planet Medical’s Phantom! Made in Australia by the same company as the Planet Puck, Planet Medical has a long history innovating solutions and supporting the global healthcare sector. Phantom is just one of their many examination, surgical and bedhead solutions, offering fully certified solutions with fantastic value for money.

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