Display Case Lighting

The subtle art of bringing prized objects or retail displays to life has never been easier thanks to the expertise of corporate friends®.

Extreme miniaturisation delivered with an amazing attention to detail and beautiful finishes make corporate friends® solutions a joy to behold.

Whether curating a museum exhibit, lighting art in a gallery, or creating that wow factor for a retail display, the mindful application of precise levels of light with accuracy is critical.

Corporate friends® meet this challenge with a thoughtful collection of solutions designed to be integrated within the display or show case settings:

  • magnetic track mounted spots
  • light bars
  • surface mounted spots
  • surface mounted spots on extended rods
  • down lights
  • wall lights

But, this is all done at super small scale! Their smallest fitting, the C1 Micro LC is just 14mm Ø x 26mm long! Tiny as you can see in the images above.

But, discretion is the key, and size does matter.

With finishes in Black, Silver and Gold anodised aluminium, it’s easy to make corporate friends® disappear into the framework of the display or show case, but if you want to, you can show them off.

All corporate friends® solutions have been engineered and proven, ensuring reliability, performance and durability. Part of this process includes thorough testing of light quality to TM-30-15 through lighting spectral analysis and the relative damage potential using their in-house lighting laboratory. They are also regularly tested and certified by independent museums and institutes such as the Rathgen Research Laboratory.

To find out more there’s a new section to the Light Black website devoted to Display Case Lighting, which you can link to here.

Or drop Light Black an email or give us a call. We have a stunning sample case from corporate friends® that we’re keen to show you.

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