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Sammode Brueghel

Equipped with a high-performance low-glare louvre offering UGR≤19, the Brueghel is the ideal luminaire for spaces requiring high light comfort levels in all directions: offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, multifunctional areas, classrooms, multimedia libraries, station platforms, etc.

Brueghel is available with down only lighting, or up and down lighting, with separate control over either direction. Equipped with 2 drivers, it offers independent control of the direct lighting (toward the ground) and the indirect lighting (toward the ceiling), even using simple traditional switches.

Particularly reliable and robust, it is also suitable for outdoor applications, in compliance with regulations to combat outdoor light pollution (ULR = 0%).

Presence detection and dimming available as options, along with various accessories and finishes.

Sammode Géricault

Available in 7 lengths and with several luminous flux levels, the Géricault is an extremely versatile luminaire, suited to all kinds of spaces and rooms. Its satin-finish body emits diffuse lighting for high lighting comfort (UGR≤25), even in its boosted flux version.

Thanks to its patented sliding panel, installation and maintenance operations can be conducted with astonishing simplicity. By design, the Géricault is a durable and scalable product, capable of tomorrow incorporating the most advanced technologies.

Presence detection and dimming available as options, along with various finishing accessories.

PROLED Linear XL – Basic

The LINEAR XL luminaire series can be used universally and is available in 720 different versions. Each version is also available with indirect light output (Uplight) in RGBW or monochrome (4 colour temperatures).

Production just in time within approx. 3 to 10 days (depending on the quantity).

  • 5 lengths: 604 mm, 894 mm, 1174 mm, 1534 mm and 1964 mm
  • 3 colours: aluminium silver, white and black
  • 4 covers: crystal clear, frost (semitransparent), milky (opal) and with microprism
  • 3 power classes: BASIC (2 strips), MEDIUM (3 strips) and FORTE (4 strips)
  • 4 colour temperatures: white (6000 K), neutral white (4000 K), warm white (3000 K) and super warm white (2700 K)
  • optional with indirect light output (Uplight) in RGBW – control by RF remote controller
  • optional with indirect light output (Uplight) in white (6000 K), neutral white (4000 K), warm white (3000 K) or super warm white (2700 K) – separate connecting cable for separate ON/OFF switching

Besides the standard lengths PROLED can offer special lengths according to your request.

Electron Liniline PDAG

Liniline is a fully comprehensive linear lighting solution for all applications, enabling recessed, trimless, surface and pendant installations.

Available in anodised aluminium, white or black finishes.

Liniline can be supplied as a single unit, or customised into long runs or complex shapes thanks to the range of standard connectors.

There are options for opal diffused, linear lens or anti-glare optics, which with the various available lumen packages, make Liniline the everywhere linear solution.

Available in 2000K through to 5700K, with CRI 80 or (), and the full range of dimming protocols.

Light4U Lival Nano-X

Clean crisp linear LED pendant luminaire which can be surface, suspended or track mounted.

Supplied in white, grey and black.

The surface mounted versions can be connected using a simple plugin system for easy extension to create long runs.

A double asymmetric, micro prismatic or opal diffuser allows installations in a large range of applications.

Length options: 800mm (S), 1200mm (M) or 2400mm (L).

Ljus Geko-Linear

Custom built solution up to 3m long typically for cabinet and shelf lighting applications.

The 17mm x 17mm extrusion is finished in white, grey or black, and houses the 1.2W to 2.4W LED’s along it’s length.

Narrow, Medium, Wide, Very Wide and Elliptical lensed optics, with choice of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K CCT in Ra 90 enable the specific and custom lighting of the subject.

Electron Luminet

Technical solution for grazing walls and controlled effects where precision is key.

Continuous linear lighting effects can be easily achieved using the 15°, 30°, 50°, 70° or 90° lensed optics housed within the discrete 23.5 x 16mm cross section.

Colour temperatures between 2000K and 5700K make Luminet a stunning solution for commercial, hospitality, retail and residential alike.

Can be surface, suspended, or mounted using adjustable brackets (standard, 5cm and 10cm).

Available in anodised aluminium, white and black, and requires remote mounted 24V power supply.

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