Acoustic Pendants

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Luceplan Diade

A linear LED lamp ideal for the workplace; a modular architectural feature capable of defining space and personalizing the context.

Diade suspensions are technical lighting solutions that offer quality of light combined with high levels of sound absorbing performance.

The two “wing” panels in sound absorbing material can be positioned vertically or horizontally to create a partition or a large ceiling element. The two solutions address issues of lighting, sound absorption and the upper facing of spaces in a single strategy, eliminating the need for suspended ceilings.

The fabric of the covering is available in three different colors which generate a particularly refined couture effect

Design Monica Armani, 2016

Luceplan Farel

For the first time in the Luceplan catalogue, Farel introduces an iconic dome structure, a neutral geometric form proposed in sound-absorbing thermoformed material with outer fabric cladding.

The lamp can be personalized thanks to a combination of colors of the shade, ranging through cool, warm and neutral tones for the outside, combined with dark or pale hues for the inside.

Design Diego Sferrazza, 2018

Luceplan Petale

A suspension lamp with an organic form that conceals the magic of silence: the body consists of a sound-absorbing panel covered in white fabric, to improve acoustic comfort in any space.

Available in three sizes.

Studio Odile Decq, 2012

Luceplan Silenzio

Quality lighting combined with acoustic comfort and the beauty of fabrics, for this family of suspension lamps.

A lighting system that matches décor solutions with high levels of sound absorption, for public and private spaces.

Design Monica Armani, 2013

Luceplan Trypta

Trypta is a system of suspension lamps that offers a combination of acoustic features and lighting performance in various dimensions and colors. The cylindrical aluminum body is equipped with two LED sources to provide both direct and indirect diffused light.

Three slots along the body of the lamp permit assembly of three acoustic panels positioned at 120°. The core of the panels is made of a high-performance soundproofing material, covered with an elegant fabric offered in different colors.

The body of the lamp comes in two lengths while the panels are available in a range of different sizes, as it is possible to create varied configurations – flat, shifted and mixed – by combining panels in different measures and positions.

Design Stephen Burks, 2018

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