C’est Magnifique! C’est Sammode!

Sammode joins Light Black, bringing an ultimately unique offering to lighting projects.

Sammode Elgar

For nearly 90 years Sammode has created the most amazingly robust and versatile solutions for some of the most arduous conditions imaginable, from super hot smelting works, to explosive gas environments, to rail yards and tunnels where conditions require operation in extremes of temperature, resistance to corrosive substances, protection against ingress of solids and liquids, and resistance to high impact.

Sammode Mondrian

Delivered in sealed transparent tubes of varying diameters and lengths, and finished with stainless steel end caps, fixings and components, Sammode’s Industrial solutions have always been beautiful and honest thanks to their raw and exposed forms.

Sammode Qanik

In more recent decades, solutions for Architecture and Studio have been created due to the demand on Sammode to offer their solutions for these projects.

Sammode Rimbaud

Light Black offers the Architecture and Studio collections, making the raw and beautiful honesty of these solutions available to commercial, exteriors, interiors, architecture, landscape, urban, hospitality, retail and residential projects alike.

Sammode Brueghel

Sammode is a brand unlike any other, so make your project unique, and make it Sammode.

Ljus : Making Exhibitions of Interiors

Ljus Design makes any interior space an exhibition, thanks to their superlative collection of specialist spot lights.

With long standing history and renown in the lighting of museum and exhibition spaces, Ljus Design has extended their expertise through miniaturisation.

Now you can deliver the dramatic and curated effects more often seen throughout museums and exhibitions in retail, hospitality, churches, residential, commercial and architectural lighting.

Their drive for innovation has led to the development of miniaturised solutions, capturing the qualities of exhibition lighting in small format luminaires that can be used to bring drama, focus and precision to the full gamut of interiors projects.

Whether it’s in the pinspotting of dining tables in a restaurant, the curating of a cabinet in retail, the framing of artwork in a home, staging a garment in fashion retail, venerating a religious artifact in a holy place, or any of the countless other effects that can be used to respect the object or space, Ljus Design captures those qualities.

Lucent : Ljus : Karizma Luce : Light Black

May already and time to shine more light to Light Black!

Lucent is a brand with great purpose, offering a beautifully detailed and timeless collection with exceptional light sources for the lighting designer. Discrete light sources with exceptional optics and CRI 98 bring to life the atmosphere in any project, creating environments for hospitality, entertainment, retail, commercial and residential alike.

Ljus is exhibition lighting, but with their miniaturised range, these skillfully crafted lighting effects can be added to any project, whether to frame artwork, pose a statue, present a retail item, or add drama to a beautiful home.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Feronia brings together two sleek adjustable light tubes into a gorgeous single surface mounted solution. Available in black or white, and with seven colours to chose from for the inner reflector, Dea Feronia brings style and elegance to any space.

Light Black Flatia is about as flat as they come! The 14mm thick Classic model is partnered by the 45mm thick Decorative, creating slender circles of light in 350mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm diameter. In Black or White, and Black with Gold hem as per the Decorative model below, Flatia maximises the ambience of a space.

Karizma Luce Dea Durga

Durga is known as a fierce goddess, wife of Shiva. She is usually depicted riding a tiger or lion and slaying the buffalo demon, and with eight or ten arms. The Dea Durga does her job with only one arm, but with the same power and effectiveness.

Karizma Luce is a formidable protagonist of charismatic interior lighting solutions. They beautifully blend form and colour to deliver a range of solutions to transform any interior, whether by subtle from or striking colour.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Durga is no exception, revealing itself from the ceiling to guide the light where required. Integrated into the ceiling in trimless form, or more simply with a trim as Dea Charon, the finish is second to none.

Ingeniously, Dea Durga’s reflectors can be changed, thanks to the magnet fixing, creating a solution that can be customised to suit the project, and never grow tired, rejuvenating itself over time. Available in Gold, Silver High Gloss, White, Black High Gloss, Black Matt, Chrome and new Copper finishes.

And if you’re not a fan of the black body, for today’s project at least, then there’s always white!

The standard installation frame is single, but you can choose to create a duo, triple, quadruple or quadruple square application. Just cut the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. Supplied with single installation frame, extra frames have to be ordered separately.

Let Karizma Luce Dea Durga’s trimless and versatile fixture play a decisive role in your light plan.

Instagram up and running!

Who would have known there was so much to do when running a business!

But, it’s also a great opportunity to look at the whole rather than simply a part, and so it’s great to be able to utilise Instagram to help spread the good work of our brands, and their use in projects.

Light Black Limited (@lightblacklimited) • Instagram photos and videos

So, an initial set of posts are on Instagram, featuring just a few projects photographed while with JSB Lighting. Not Light Black projects, but, still great projects none the less due to the innovative and considered use of the products employed by the lighting designers, architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects and contractors involved.

At the end of the day, it’s the support of our customers through their creative thinking and considered use of the solutions Light Black offers that makes great projects, and that remains the stimulus to get out of bed each morning and express this passion for lighting.

So, here’s to Instagram, and here’s to being able to share Light Black projects as we move forward.

P.U.K. Exterior Lighting Solutions 2021 Are On The Way!

It’s that magical time of year when we all get to see what’s new, and for 2021 P.U.K. is sure to delight!

“Make your lightmark”, and download the P.U.K. 2021 catalogue from Light Black’s website, and have all their great solutions at your fingertips.

Light Black Dome

The Dome family is the general lighting downlight for all occasions. There’s just the right size, lumen package, beam angle and colour temperature to suit your needs in one of the four models; Dome 75, Dome 100, Dome 150 and Dome 200.

With lensed optic and secondary reflector, Dome is a great solution for interior projects, providing low glare lighting (UGR < 19) maintaining high visual comfort, and helping create the desired effect and ambience.

With a delivered lumen range of 700 to 4,600, and beam angles of 18°, 25°, 30°, 50° and 60°, Dome is the downlight for every occasion.

IP54 as standard, Dome can take it’s place throughout any interior, in all of those wet space interiors, and around the building canopy.

Dome is available in all driver and lighting control options, and is priced to be the winner.

More Lighting Heroes Showcased!

This month we’re showcasing four great lighting solutions on our Home Page from across our brands; Planet Puck, Lucent, P.U.K and Planet Medical.

Planet Puck were the originators of the integrated handrail lighting solution, enabling designers to create completely new and originally lit projects, and they haven’t stopped since. With the Generation 5 Puck, it has never been easier and faster to create beautifully lit projects, with the Puck now integrated into all forms of structures and furniture in ingenious ways.

Lucent is an English company with a long tradition of providing tastefully discrete lighting solutions. The Edge range is perhaps their most well known, and provides a beautiful pinhole downlight solution. Lucent has always shown great care for light quality, and has now extended their own range of LED 50 engines to cover CRI 90, CRI 93 and CRI 98. If you want the very best pinhole downlight solution, you don’t need to look any further than their Edge.

P.U.K. produces a stellar collection of lighting solutions for exteriors, which are perfectly suited for the landscape architect and designer working on building facades and urban spaces. This month we’ve focused on the Book Pole contemporary solution, a clean rectilinear fitting with Rotosymmetrical, Cycle Route / Pedestrian, and Street optics. P.U.K. solutions are made of copper free aluminium, and use a multi-layer chromatisation and painting process to provide solutions tested and proven for marine coastal conditions – which are just about everywhere New Zealander’s live, work and play!

Lastly, and by no means least, Planet Medical’s Phantom! Made in Australia by the same company as the Planet Puck, Planet Medical has a long history innovating solutions and supporting the global healthcare sector. Phantom is just one of their many examination, surgical and bedhead solutions, offering fully certified solutions with fantastic value for money.

Keeping Up To Date

Keeping the Light Black website up to date is no easy task, but the great thing is, keeping it up to date is keeping you up to date with all of the latest products, news and developments from across our brands.

In recent days, the “Light Black” product range has expanded, with LEDGO downlights, LineX 48V System, Lucia and Flatia Pendants, and Link 30 and Link 46 Linear Solutions added. These are all great solutions for the designer, offering great value, style and performance.

A search field has also been added to the Home Page, so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

So, if you haven’t already, please visit http://www.lightblack.co.nz, book mark it, and make it a go to source for your project lighting needs.

Light Black Launch!

I’m very proud to make this the very first post on the newly launched Light Black website, connecting you to our company and the products and services we offer.

Light Black offers a complete range of solutions for commercial, exterior, urban, residential, hospitality and retail applications, focusing on products that will help you achieve the lighting effects, levels, quality and ambience required.

Service is focused on making sure you receive the information you need to make the right choice, complete with all of the information needed to compile bullet proof documentation to ensure accurate pricing, easy installation and to deliver a fantastic outcome for the project and client.

Our website has been crafted to introduce you to our brands so you can get to know them, providing you with our Hero products from across our brands, which then link to our brands websites to ensure the information you receive is always the most up to date and accurate.

You can search for products by their type (e.g. downlight), brand or by free text search.

Content will be updated frequently to make sure you have access to the very latest innovations and products.

I hope Light Black can help you find the right lighting solutions, and play its part in delivering great lighting projects that meet yours and your clients expectations, and above all, put a smile on everyone’s faces when the lights are turned on.

Bailey Shelley, Director