Planet Medical : Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology

Planet Medical, leading Australian manufacturer of medical lighting equipment has recently added an “Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology” coating to it’s range of locally made solutions.

Part of the TGIC (Triglycidyl isocyanurate) free polyester powder coat paint finish, Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology achieves a 95% to 99.9% population reduction in Escheria Coli and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), as well as being effective against the following in laboratory conditions:

Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria

  • ESBL Erischeria coli
  • CRE Klebsiella pneumonia
  • MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
  • VRE Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus


  • Acinetobacter baumanii
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Campylobacter coli
  • Campylobacter jejuni
  • Clostridium difficile (excluding spore form)
  • Escherichia coli O157
  • Enterbacter aerogenes
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Legionella pneumophila
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Pseudomonas auruginosa
  • Salmonella enteritidis
  • Salmonella typhimurium
  • Shigella spp.
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Streptococcus faecalis

Achieving a solution that passively helps reduce bacteria population reduction is a fantastic development, and is now available for the following Australian made solutions:

Examination Lighting


  • 40,000+ lux at 1 metre
  • IP65 light head shaped for easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • Close examination
  • Intensive care
  • Recovery rooms
  • Dermatology
  • Aged care
  • General Practice
  • Out patient
  • Consultant rooms
  • Gynaecological examination


  • 50,000+ lux at 1 metre
  • IP65 light head shaped for easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • Close examination
  • Over bed
  • Intensive care
  • Recovery rooms
  • Dermatology
  • Aged care
  • General Practice
  • Out patient
  • Consultant rooms
  • Gynaecological examination

Minor Procedure Lighting


  • powerful 70,000+ lux @ 1 metre
  • IP65 light head shaped for easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • Emergency
  • High dependency bays
  • Skin Cancer
  • Pre and Post-Operative areas
  • ICU

Healthcare Lighting

OBL Overbed Light

  • Slimline design
  • Top and bottom are tapered toward the front for asymmetric throw of light and easy cleaning
  • IP64 easy to clean for infection control
  • Hospital wards
  • Age care facilities
  • Cyanosis compliance
  • Circadian Rhythm Control
  • Dermatology

To learn more about this Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology, please download the technical documentation below.

Retail and Display Lighting : Light4U

With only four senses to work with (sight, sound, touch and taste) in a retail or display environment, sight plays an extraordinarily critical role in our purchasing decision making.

Given you can’t lick or touch produce before buying, and it generally doesn’t make any sound, we solely rely on or visual senses to tell us whether the produce looks tasty, and if the asking price is fair.

Similarly, when trying on a fashion garment we want to know we look good wearing it. Our skin tone looks real and the colours of the garment work well together, and compliment us.

And if buying or viewing art, we want to be able to see all of the glorious detail and colour faithfully captured by the artist.

Thankfully Light4U has this covered with their comprehensive range of standard and specialist spectrums for office, residential, retail, produce, gallery and display environments. There’s nothing they can’t light for you!

Light4U specialises in lighting for retail and display projects, and maintains strong stock levels to ship throughout the world within a matter of days. When meeting the short times frames of a fit out, Light4U is perfectly placed to deliver.

With so many options to choose from, whether the style of the fitting, its colour, beam angle or spectrum, Light4U has the solution.

Light4U also offer a great range of lighting control options (non-dimmable, DALI, 1-10V, Casambi and Phase-cut) to enable you to optimise power consumption and lighting effects. After all, with sales effectiveness so heavily reliant upon the quality of the lighting, optimisation of the lit effect plays an important part.

Light4U is a well priced high quality brand available through Light Black, assisting you in the delivery of great lighting projects.

All Light4U products come with a full manufacturers 5 year warranty.

MOD by Sammode

Conceived by the German designer Stefan Diez for Sammode, MOD exemplifies the Sammode way with it’s stunning design that reveals and expresses its natural beauty in electrifying detail.

Made entirely of anodised aluminium, the head of this lamp slides on a double arch so that it can be swivelled in any direction. In a superbly clever piece of electrical engineering design, each arch partners to provides the electrical connection to the LED, removing any need for a cable, and creating a brilliant flexible connection of the simplest form.

MOD is available in many guises, where combinations of colour and shade (collimator) type can be used in perfect visual partnership. Whether striking or soft, colours and shades can be combined in perfect unison. Glass is available in clear, green, amber, smoked and frosted.

In its sober Silver finish, opt for a transparent shade or collimator, to highlight the architecture in soft or intensive light. In its highly decorative Champagne version it will spread its subtle and warm lighting through an amber shade or perforated collimator.

MOD can be used effortlessly throughout any project, whether in recessed, surface, track or pendant form. The combinations of colour and shade type enable MOD to take its place perfectly, with softness and warmth in champagne, or strength and boldness in black. MOD adapts just as design adapts to suit the client needs.

MOD is available in the following options:

  • 2700K or 3000K
  • CRI 90+
  • 900 or 1400 lumens per head
  • Black, Bronze, Champagne and Silver body
  • Black or White track adapter
  • Solid or Perforated collimator
  • Clear, Green, Amber, Smoked and Frosted glass diffuser

Give free rein to your projects, with this really stand-out spotlight!

Bringing more light to the darkness! Light Black!

Sammode : Expressions of Light

Sammode’s stunning expression of light through the gorgeous forms of their luminaires adds an honesty and purity to projects.

Whether captured in tubes, expressed in the MOD forms of Stefan Diez, or immortalised in the 1950’s designs of Pierre Guariche, Sammode adds a unique style to any project.

The tubes are the hallmark of Sammode, formed on a history of specialist luminaires for hazardous and extreme environments, and offer ingress protection and impact ratings making them suitable for indoors and the most extreme of outdoor conditions.

Electron’s Elegant collection can be used both indoors and outdoors to graze and wash walls with light.

Available in 24V Mini, Midi and Max models of varying lumen packages and LED spacings, Elegant can be used to stunning effect to bring even the tallest wall to life.

If a mains voltage solutions is required, then HV is available with Midi performance.

With a great range of optics, and a variety of mounting brackets, it’s easy to utilise Elegant to create the perfect effect.

In full range of colour temperatures, as well as single colours, RGB and RGBW it’s easy to draw out the natural characteristics of the facade, or add colour and dynamic effects for impact.

Xicato XFL offers unequalled light quality and reliability for designers using linear effects.

Linear lighting created by coves, pelmets and extrusions enable the most amazing integrated effects to be realised.

Emanating from the architecture itself, or expressed in a delicate or bold profile, linear effects become one with the design, embellishing and revealing the form of the space and richness of the finishes.

Xicato XFL offers a full range of colour temperatures, dim to warm, tuneable white and RGBW solutions for indoors and out with unparalleled colour rendering (TM30, CIE Ra and R9), lifetime, failure rates and warranty.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Vesta Pendant exemplifies the simplest of forms, the tube. A simple clean form that assimilates into any space, and can be made to hide away or stand out bold and bright.

Suspended in any project, Karizma Luce’s Dea Vesta Pendant can be used to focus attention in one place at a breakout space, create intimacy throughout a restaurant, or create a feature over a bar leaner when hung in groups. The versatility of the simple tubular form of Dea Vesta is fantastic!

Available with recessed, surface or track mounting, Dea Vesta can be used anywhere within the interior.

How you present Dea Vesta is up to you. Pure in white or bold in black? But Dea Vesta’s chameleon nature does not end there. Inner reflector finishes of silver high gloss, black high gloss, white, chrome, gold, black matt and copper add the personal finishing touch.

Light brings life to the darkness, transforming spaces into places to be enjoyed, admired, lived and worked in. With great lighting options, light and dark are the perfect partners.

Light Black.

Lights bring Life to July!

Only five months since the launch of Light Black, and there’s never a dull moment. So many great lighting solutions to share!

Without any shadow of a doubt, P.U.K. Italian Architectural Lighting is an absolute stellar performer in exterior lighting. With a full suite of products to cover all of the bases, it’s easy to use P.U.K. to bring life to any project, no matter how big or small. From the delicate accentuation of small features to the charismatic lighting of urban spaces, P.U.K. has a brilliant range to work with.

The link below launched their 2021 catalogue, showcasing new releases and capturing the essence of P.U.K.

This month also highlights the Lucent TubeLED range; Nano, Micro, Mini and Midi. Beautifully engineered, detailed and finished, TubeLED brings sophistication to any project. Lucent is fully focused on light quality and optics, and have a strong global reputation and support from lighting designers and major companies (for example many hotel chains and retailers) for this.

Complimenting this is the Ljus Gimmick, the ultra small solution for display case lighting. Tiny in the extreme, Gimmick can be fitted to 12V Pico Trak, linear profile or be mounted beside the display item and bring it to life. With built in dimmer for the Pico Trak and profile mounted solutions, every item on display can be perfectly lit.

Finally, Planet Medical’s OBL Overbed Light. Made in Australia, this highly versatile bed head solution comes in 500mm and 1,000mm units that can be configured with up, down and night lighting with Cyanosis compliance. With fast lead times, and locally made, the OBL gains significant support. With a range of examination lighting solutions also made by Planet Medical, they are the local go to for medical lighting needs.

Thanks for all of your support in making Light Black a success, and here’s to more great projects!

Xicato XFL : redefining flexible LED

Integrated and linear lighting creates enormous opportunity for designers to explore new approaches, and deliver unique solutions that assimilate into or embolden the space.

Xicato XFL is the world leading solution for this approach, offering lighting quality and metrics that deliver unrivalled performance.

With a full range to cater to all needs, there is nothing Xicato XFL cannot do with its IP22 and IP67 collection:

  • Static White : the largest seller with 240 LEDs per metre
  • High Density : very high density product with 700 LEDs per metre
  • Ultra Slim (IP22 only) : only 4mm wide high-density product with 238 LEDs/m
  • Full Spectrum : designed to closely match the spectrum of natural daylight. Designed for health and well-being applications
  • Tunable White : tuneable lighting options designed to use a 2-channel driver
  • Side Emitting : light is emitted parallel to the adhering surface, and applicable to wall washing
  • Dim to Warm
  • RGBW

With unmatched performance for CRI, R9, and TM30 fidelity (Rf) and gamut (Rg), Xicato XFL enables spaces to be brought to life in the most natural way possible, revealing the richness of finishes, enabling fine detail to be seen, and most importantly bringing out natural skin tone with purity.

Xicato XFL offers a 10 year warranty, but not as most would know it.

  • At the end of life, the end of the warranty period, all of the product will continue to produce more than or equal to 70% of original light output (L70).
  • At the end of life, the end of the warranty period, not one Xicato XFL LED will have failed (B0).

The way in which Xicato XFL renders colour is superb, with a richness and accuracy that brings any space and project to life. Combine this with the warranty, and Xicato delivers an unrivalled solution.

This combination of performance and quality (warranty) ensures any project is not just beautifully lit, but also cost effectively lit, and this reinforces the Xicato claim to be the very best in class.

To learn a bit more, watch this You Tube interview, or drop me a line.

C’est Magnifique! C’est Sammode!

Sammode joins Light Black, bringing an ultimately unique offering to lighting projects.

Sammode Elgar

For nearly 90 years Sammode has created the most amazingly robust and versatile solutions for some of the most arduous conditions imaginable, from super hot smelting works, to explosive gas environments, to rail yards and tunnels where conditions require operation in extremes of temperature, resistance to corrosive substances, protection against ingress of solids and liquids, and resistance to high impact.

Sammode Mondrian

Delivered in sealed transparent tubes of varying diameters and lengths, and finished with stainless steel end caps, fixings and components, Sammode’s Industrial solutions have always been beautiful and honest thanks to their raw and exposed forms.

Sammode Qanik

In more recent decades, solutions for Architecture and Studio have been created due to the demand on Sammode to offer their solutions for these projects.

Sammode Rimbaud

Light Black offers the Architecture and Studio collections, making the raw and beautiful honesty of these solutions available to commercial, exteriors, interiors, architecture, landscape, urban, hospitality, retail and residential projects alike.

Sammode Brueghel

Sammode is a brand unlike any other, so make your project unique, and make it Sammode.

Ljus : Making Exhibitions of Interiors

Ljus Design makes any interior space an exhibition, thanks to their superlative collection of specialist spot lights.

With long standing history and renown in the lighting of museum and exhibition spaces, Ljus Design has extended their expertise through miniaturisation.

Now you can deliver the dramatic and curated effects more often seen throughout museums and exhibitions in retail, hospitality, churches, residential, commercial and architectural lighting.

Their drive for innovation has led to the development of miniaturised solutions, capturing the qualities of exhibition lighting in small format luminaires that can be used to bring drama, focus and precision to the full gamut of interiors projects.

Whether it’s in the pinspotting of dining tables in a restaurant, the curating of a cabinet in retail, the framing of artwork in a home, staging a garment in fashion retail, venerating a religious artifact in a holy place, or any of the countless other effects that can be used to respect the object or space, Ljus Design captures those qualities.

Lucent : Ljus : Karizma Luce : Light Black

May already and time to shine more light to Light Black!

Lucent is a brand with great purpose, offering a beautifully detailed and timeless collection with exceptional light sources for the lighting designer. Discrete light sources with exceptional optics and CRI 98 bring to life the atmosphere in any project, creating environments for hospitality, entertainment, retail, commercial and residential alike.

Ljus is exhibition lighting, but with their miniaturised range, these skillfully crafted lighting effects can be added to any project, whether to frame artwork, pose a statue, present a retail item, or add drama to a beautiful home.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Feronia brings together two sleek adjustable light tubes into a gorgeous single surface mounted solution. Available in black or white, and with seven colours to chose from for the inner reflector, Dea Feronia brings style and elegance to any space.

Light Black Flatia is about as flat as they come! The 14mm thick Classic model is partnered by the 45mm thick Decorative, creating slender circles of light in 350mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm diameter. In Black or White, and Black with Gold hem as per the Decorative model below, Flatia maximises the ambience of a space.

Karizma Luce Dea Durga

Durga is known as a fierce goddess, wife of Shiva. She is usually depicted riding a tiger or lion and slaying the buffalo demon, and with eight or ten arms. The Dea Durga does her job with only one arm, but with the same power and effectiveness.

Karizma Luce is a formidable protagonist of charismatic interior lighting solutions. They beautifully blend form and colour to deliver a range of solutions to transform any interior, whether by subtle from or striking colour.

Karizma Luce’s Dea Durga is no exception, revealing itself from the ceiling to guide the light where required. Integrated into the ceiling in trimless form, or more simply with a trim as Dea Charon, the finish is second to none.

Ingeniously, Dea Durga’s reflectors can be changed, thanks to the magnet fixing, creating a solution that can be customised to suit the project, and never grow tired, rejuvenating itself over time. Available in Gold, Silver High Gloss, White, Black High Gloss, Black Matt, Chrome and new Copper finishes.

And if you’re not a fan of the black body, for today’s project at least, then there’s always white!

The standard installation frame is single, but you can choose to create a duo, triple, quadruple or quadruple square application. Just cut the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. Supplied with single installation frame, extra frames have to be ordered separately.

Let Karizma Luce Dea Durga’s trimless and versatile fixture play a decisive role in your light plan.