ProLED : New solutions that encourage creativity and bring fun to lighting projects

Lighting can be an incredibly creative medium, capturing attention and gaining appreciation for the way it brings the space and project to life.

ProLED has done an amazing job of this with two new solutions, Flex Strip Opal Shape and Flex Line Porter, each of which is special in its own right.

Flex Strip Opal Shape is used to create free flowing and linear forms that can be draped across the space, perfect for retail, hospitality, front of house commercial and residential alike.

Flex Line Porter is tensioned across a space, with ProLED Flexible LED fixed to one side to create striking linear effects. Up to 20m can be installed in a single run, making it a attention grabbing solution for large spaces including retail, hospitality, commercial front of house and residential.

Quite simply, Flex Strip Opal Shape and Flex Line Porter can be used where ever you can imagine them.

Flex Strip Opal Shape
Flex Line Porter

Light4U’s Skadi is another great solution worth heroing. The simple “can” solution, great for acoustic or fire rated ceilings, to be featured as a surface or pendant, or given ultimate flexibility as a track mounted solution, has an important role to play in many projects.

Available in 160mm and 220mm diameters, Skadi delivers from 1,050 t0 4,450 delivered lumens across 3000K, 4000K, and more specialised spectrums of Art, Fashion, Bakery, Fresh and cooked meats, Fruit and vegetables, Dairy and cheese, Fish and seafood, Full spectrum, Premium White, Tuneable white, Infinity LED and Warm dim.

Skadi is a wonderfully versatile solution for commercial, retail, gallery, performance and hospitality spaces alike.

Skadi Surface
Skadi Suspended
Skadi Track

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